Ministry of Loneliness


Multichannel video installation, thermal imaging series, office furnitures, ceramics.


Ministry of Loneliness, Installation view, Fondazione ICA, Milan 2023.

How Cold As You Are, Installation view, The Armory Show, New York 2022.

Min of Loneliness
Min of Loneliness

Ministry of Loneliness: Premise, Installation views, Jupiter Woods, London, 2022.

Min of Loneliness

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Departing from an exploration of the Ministry of Loneliness – established in 2018 in the United Kingdom and replicated in 2021 in other countries such as Canada and Japan –Ministry of Loneliness is a multimedia installation that develops a reflection on the political and social structures that shape the emotional state of loneliness and its perception in contemporary society.

The work stems from an extensive research that the artist has carried out in different contexts including Italy, the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The phantasmal and pervasive shadow of isolation that permeates Western societies takes shape in the film’s stratified investigation, extending to include the roots that trigger it – from the advance of the techno-scientific order of modern life to the rise of liberal capitalism.


The installation includes:
a multichannel non-fiction film, directly shot by Rebecca Moccia juxtaposing different materials collected during her research trips, from parliamentary archives to scientific and narrative literature, from direct and indirect experiences and testimonies; 
a series of thermal portraits printed on cotton paper and mounted on aluminum which give an emotional reportage of places, bodies and situations encountered during the research; 87 ceramic works that materialise and monumentalise the Loneliness Scale, a scale developed by the University of California in 1978 to assess the level of loneliness of a given subject and which is still used today by governments, utilised by the artist as a tool for public workshops held during the research.

The Ministry of Loneliness project has been supported by the Italian Council (10th edition, 2021), a program by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture and Outset Partners Grant. It has been realized in partnership with Jupiter Woods and Outset England,(UK), Magazzino Italian Art,(USA), Italian Embassy, Tokyo (Japan), Fondazione ICA, Milan (Italy).

The video installation has been produced by Careof, in collaboration with Fondazione ICA, Milan. 

The installation display has been realised by Studio Gisto in dialogue with the artist. The soundscape accompanying the installation has been created by the sound artist Renato Grieco.