Da qui tutto bene



Blue back paper, wall painting, loudspeakers broadcast news and current debates. Context-specific work, overall dimensions variable.

Da qui tutto bene, Exhibition views, Museo Novecento, Florence, 2019.

Da qui tutto bene is a context-specific work conceived for the XIV-century cloister of Museo Novecento in Florence. It reflects the material relationships between the architectural space – with its functions as initially a place

of ecclesiastical retreat, and subsequently as a museum – and the environment in which it is inserted.
The work involves the use of blue back paper (paper commonly used for urban billboards): pasted on the perimeter walls of the cloister “back to front”. In this way, the paper conceals the part usually reserved for the image from our view, revealing its synthetic sky blue backside. The blue back paper doesn’t cover the entire surface of the wall, but is ripped off with a cutter, recalling the shadows of leafy branches and the architectural elements of the loggia.

These negative shadows are artificially calculated through the use of lighting software and trace the light of dawn on the day of the exhibition opening (26 September 2019). The loggia, used today as it was then as a place of conservation and isolation from the outside world, was architecturally designed to avoid shadows and natural noise.

The paper overlaps and partially covers the pairs of male and female synonyms painted as a fresco on the wall, taken from the series Un Linguaggio Inaudito (2018) dedicated to the Italian political language.
The installation is completed by four loudspeakers that continuously broadcast news and current affairs debates in both Italian and English. The overlapping of the news creates an indefinable and at the same time familiar background noise.