Rebecca Moccia (b. 1992) is an Italian transdisciplinary artist.  Her practice explores the materiality of perceptive and emotional states that can emerge from specific social and spatial characteristics. She realizes installations with different media described as “medial atmospheres” that surround the bodies, but also that traverse and interacts with them.
Creating situations that are placed in socio-cultural and psycho-physical contexts including specific temporal elements such as the temperature, seasonality, and past, Rebecca Moccia’s critical research investigates the neoliberal regime of visibility and the processes of anesthetization of the sensitive presence.

Rebecca Moccia’s works have been exhibited at Jupiter Woods (London), the Italian Cultural Institute (Brussels), Morra Greco Foundation (Naples), Mazzoleni (London-Turin), Museo Novecento (Florence), Manifattura Tabacchi (Florence), Antonio Ratti Foundation (Como), MACRO (Rome), Contemporary Art Museum of Villa Croce (Genoa), ENSBA (Lyon), Academiae Youth Art Biennale (Brixen), among others.

In 2021, she was the winner of the international research grant, promoted by the Ministry of Culture (DGCC) as part of the Italian Council X program.

Rebecca Moccia is one of the founding members of AWI – Art Workers Italia.